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26 March 2007

A bit of heaven

It's a bit of heaven when...

- your wife, back from a long day at the office, gives you a lingering hug at the door;
- you get to sing tenor in a choir with 80 voices, all lifting praise to God and singing about the beautiful wounds of Christ;
- after a 3 day fast, you enjoy a Big Breakfast platter at McDonalds;
- you tell Satan to get lost, and lo and behold, he does;
- you get to work up a sweat mowing the grass for the first time this season;
- one of your students pronounces the French "U" perfectly;
- your fifteen year old boy turns 16, and makes you proud;
- your five wood off the tee lands within 12 feet of the hole;
- you get a letter from a nephew at war in Baghdad, and he sounds happy;
- your 18 year old son, home on Spring Break, tosses a ball back and forth with you;
- you turn in the latest chapter on your Ph.D. thesis, and know you're half way up the "Mountain" toward those three magic letters;
- you get to take a long walk with your wife, and talk about lots of good stuff;
- you pray, and feel like God is sitting next to you;
- you lay your head on the pillow after a good day's work and sleep like a baby.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.